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Introducing Semaphore an accessible, simple and fast web client for Mastodon.

Semaphore continues the work of @nolan 's @pinafore, and will prioritise accessibility, continuing Pinafore's track record of integrating improvements from disabled contributors.

Follow this account if you'd like to keep up-to-date with releases and news.

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Instead of going to Brussels in February, I'm going to print out this sign for my office door and then watch the talks on my phone from the kitchen for the proper #FOSDEM experience.

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PSA: We don't have cloud storage or ML or AI and we don't data mine your photos.

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Instagram is trying to intimidate us with threats of legal action.

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We're not giving up. #fediverse

The @Coffeebots will show their full marionette puppet movie at #HiP22 today (11pm). Tickets are sold out, but you can watch us in the stream:

Mes potes:
"Ok mais en vrai c'est quoi l'intérêt de ton machin truc chelou ?"


Previously exclusive games from PlayStation make its way to Windows and can run on Steam Deck / Linux desktop thanks to Proton.

THAT is what we should continue to champion, bringing *more*, not locking things down.

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@voxel Oh my, the first screen in the video is already so sick
Beautiful, thanks for sharing

Fascinating demo of a late 1970s vector monitor that functioned something like a modern e-ink display. It has two phosphor colours, green and red, anything drawn in green will persist on the very high resolution screen until it is cleared, where the red needs to be refreshed each frame youtube.com/watch?v=M98VOoGFLL

Donc j'attends que mon compte librem.one soit activé pour plus parler de mon , mais je voulais déjà mentionner l'énorme surprise que le meilleur client mastodon no-nonsense pour mobile (selon moi) est... sur... GNU/Linux :D


Montpellier devient la première ville en France à interdire le recours à la reconnaissance biométrique faciale via des IA.
Pour le justifier, @manureynaud@twitter.com a eu la (bonne) idée de demander à... #ChatGPT d'expliquer pourquoi les IA posent problème :

Le canal IRC du bib déménage ! On peut nous retrouver sur le canal du serveur irc.hackint.org, ou alors par matrix sur :hackint.org

On s'voit là bas ;)

We're in the final stages of our 3rd @NGIZero grant application!

Our milestones include:
- Groups
- Account migrations (pf -> pf or mastodon -> pf)
- Roles & Parental Controls
- Silo Imports (Instagram)
- Portfolios
- Resilient Media Storage (webp2p, multiple s3 disks)
- Improved spam detection
- Accessibility improvements
- Faster federation

Fingers crossed, we hope to share the good news in the coming days! Regardless, 2023 will bring many improvements to our project 🚀

What happens when you twist your lens' focus ring while shooting long exposures of fireworks


Bonjour bonjour, voilà plus de 3 ans que notre association existe, et il est temps de vous parlez un peu de notre état financier.

tl,dr : pour continuer à proposer une instance de vidéo consacrée au scepticisme et se développer, on a besoin de vos dons.

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Daniel ".koolfy" Faucon recommande :


Le réseau social du BIM, fruit de la collaboration de 3 associations promouvant les Logiciels Libres et la Neutralité du net sur l'Hérault.