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"As Gentoo users are generally an annoying nusiance in my IRC channel, I would like to be able to set a +b on *!gentoouser@*, in order to keep them out."


Are there matrix rooms where the fediverse is hanging?

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I'd like to buy an Android tablet for someone that is not too technical. The idea is for them to be able to make video calls with their Family. I'd like to avoid models that would end up being unsupported after 6 months. Besides Samsung, what options do I have?

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@bim @iloth ça a l'air revenu, c'etait peut être un souci dans mon navigateur 🤷

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Just stumbled upon #Kiwix: an application for reading offline-archives of, among others, Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg. #blogged #100daystooffload #opensource

@bim @iloth on dirait que l'instance ne cache plus les images, sur chaque toot avec une image j'ai maintenant Not available et ça me redirige sur l'instance source si je clique dessus

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Euh, chef, on va avoir besoin de plus de pancartes pour le 30 janvier.

- Interdire les signes religieux pour les mineurs (emprisonner les parents)
- Interdire le voile pour les mamans en sorties scolaires
- Restreindre le droit du sol
- Sanctionner de six mois de prison le port du voile intégral
- Armer toutes les polices municipales de France
- Lier la création d’un compte Twitter à l’envoi d'une pièce d’identité

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#introductions #introduction

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the fediverse, but really happy I finally got around to joining.

I'll describe myself as a husband & father first, but after that as a geek w/ 20y of software development behind me and at least 20 more in ahead. I live in snowy Helsinki.

I'm of course interested in FOSS, but also #degrowth , #philosophy , #climatecrisis , #smalltechnology but most importantly endlessly curious about the world and people in general. :)

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I would like to introduce you fine people to The 512KB Club. #512Club

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New account managed by several persons.
It will post news concerning #Fedilab #UntrackMe #TubeLab #OpenMultiMaps

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If you have COMPLETED #100DaysToOffload please let me know so I can add you to the hall of fame I'm adding to the site.

I need you name, URL and the month/year you completed it please.

Boosts appreciated.

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1) The consensus of the infosec community is that Telegram is significantly less secure than @SignalApp.

2) Signal is an independent non-profit with a $50m endowment—they can't be meaningfully influenced by money for a very long time. Telegram is a standard private company.

While you're anxiously waiting for Signal to be back, take some time to consider setting up a recurring donation for them!

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