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I believe I never did an , here it is :)

I'm Guillaume, a Frenchman living in Berlin. I work as an SRE in the gaming industry ∆ O X □.

My interests are in , data engineering, and . I'm also quite keen on anything related.

I've been on the fediverse for 2 years now though never took the time to write this toot. The instance I'm on is from @bim, a non-profit collective from Montpellier, France. Check them out! (in FR)

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Guillaume a partagé
Guillaume a partagé
Guillaume a partagé

Security releases: Prometheus 2.40.4 and 2.37.4 are out.

Those releases fix a bug that would enable an attacker with access to the bcrypted passwords to bypass Prometheus' built-in basic auth mechanism.

Just noticed that my company matches donation to a bunch of non-profit! In them, @signalapp and @digitalcourage among others. Guess I'll transfer my recurring donations to my company's platform 🙌

As a Staff/Principal engineer, who do you report to?

To the same manager as the rest of the team or to a different manager/Director/VP level?

What challenges/benefits did you find with your reporting line?

Guillaume a partagé We released version 2.7.0 of kube-state-metrics today. This release includes a lot of great features from the community! Among them are redesigned CustomResourceState metrics for better usability and a lot of quality of life fixes that provide more options to run and scale kube-state-metrics! We have also started to deprecate VPA which can be replaced by a CustomResourceState. 🥳 Time to deploy it on your cluster before the weekend starts! #kubernetes #kubestatemetrics

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Guillaume a partagé

Just realized.. Advent of Code is already starting next week! Are you in? Or trying out new languages for the next one?

@Tusky first, thanks for Tusky, love the app!

I have a question: is it possible to sync lists between Mastodon's web interface and Tusky and, if so, is there a version requirement on both sides?

I currently have lists (or rather, columns) on Mastodon but can't see them in Tusky.

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If you are part of a team providing Monitoring as a Service to customers internal to your company, I'd love to talk to you!

I'm mostly interested in the dynamics of your team, how you approach ownership and support other teams.

Guillaume a partagé

Mastodon is here to stay, so it's time for an #introduction

I'm Manuel, based in Berlin and interested in #Kubernetes , #Cloudnative Infrastructure ☁️ , #Prometheus 🔥 , #Observability, #SystemsThinking, #SociotechnicalSystems as well as #dogs 🐕 .

I'm a regular contributor to Open Source and maintain #kube-state-metrics as well as #kube-router.

I work in Platform Architecture at a 🎮 company.

P.S. If you're breaking into tech / #devops and looking for someone to talk to, happy to chat!💬

Correction: it's a monthly 49€ ticket, thanks @redtrumpet!

The Deutsche Bahn releases a yearly 49€ ticket for unlimited travel in all public transport modes (or so I understand).

I tried to confirm via the website that it also applies to S-Bahn / BVG. From "Deutschlandweit: In allen Verkehrsmitteln des ÖPNV", I would say so but I'm no sure. How do you understand it?

Guillaume a partagé

Hi I'm Damien, a Principal Developer, currently working at #atlassian.

I'm looking for other #staffPlus engineers out there to connect and talk shop. Anyone around?

Guillaume a partagé
Guillaume a partagé
Mon #introduction sur le #fediverse.
Ici depuis 2017, je dis bonjour :-) .

J'adore glander sur :mycomputer:, le #libre, :gentoo: #gentoo et #alpine .

J'aime les 🎮 jeux vidéos et le 🎥 #cinema, j'écoute du 🤘 #metal.
On peut me croiser sur #irc où j'aide à administrer, sur mon blag ou mon gemini.

J'adore les ⌨️ #claviers, le 🚲 #velo, la
🎨🎹 #demoscene.
J'aimerai que les gens s'auto-hébergent et que le net cesse de tourner autour du fric.

Bref chuis geek :-)
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