Appreciated but…

- If the reader deems #Signal not good enough for them, why would they give it to others? Without federation you would effectively shut yourself away from those people you recommend it to.

- Lead dev can't trust #FDroid… how many years have they been going now?

- If the person wants a phone number as backup they should ask for it, simple.

- Lack of federation is glaring. Yes it opens up other issues. Explain them. Deal with them (Hint: I2P or Tor)

Our 2c

@xiu Other points are good, but I don't really agree with the open source point. Since the server side code is open source, anyone could host their own Signal instance.

The real problem is, as mentioned in the blog, Signal is centralized. If you do self-host, you will be isolated. Federated Signal would be awesome.

@technophobian thanks for the feedback! What don't you agree with exactly? I agree with yours: since it's opensource, anyone could host their own (isolated) Signal instance.

@xiu Sorry, I definitely misphrased my argument and also misread some of the post. I meant to focus more on the centralization aspect. I think Signal being centralized isn't great.

Moxie focuses more on servers getting blocked in his talk, but what if Signal just shuts down? In a federated system you just move to a new instance and reconnect. But with Signal multiple instances could spring up but they couldn't talk to each other. A federated system can survive being shut down.

@xiu Also, just to clarify, I like Signal but I think this is a flaw. From a developers point of view I get the argument of wanting to have a single secure client and secure server, but from a user's viewpoint you can't verify that Signal is trustworthy. A federated system lets users easily ditch an untrustworthy instance.

I currently trust Signal, but it's possible for this to change.

@technophobian I see, thanks! Centralization is indeed not ideal.

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